New Balance Trainers ventured from the apparel business and is now selling exercise bikes and elliptical machines. On the one hand, you would expect to find the same quality you would find in their shoes and clothing in their elliptical trainers. On the other hand, you have to be concerned that their specialty is not fitness equipment.
New Balance 574 elliptical machines are made with both front and mid drive designs. Nothing is really spectacular about these ellipticals; they show no real innovation. At this price range, you can expect that quality to be average at best. We do like their consoles and selection of programs, and we find the overall design of the 9.0 model to be appealing.
New Balance Shoes offer you stability, cushioning, motion control and lightweight performance for all your sports. Whether it is for jogging or long distance running, track and field competition, off road cross country events or casual walking we've got the right shoes for you. So visit our online store to see how we can help you!
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